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Mar. 15th, 2012



Meet the Sister

Title : Parents' House (Part 1) (WIP)
Author : Chrollianne
Pairing : Clément Poitrenaud / Vincent Clerc
Team/Setting : None / Parent's house
Warning : None.
Rating : R (mention of sex)
Words : ~1400
Summary : Vincent get to meet Clément's sister.
Additional notes : Wrote a while back too. It's a work in progress, maybe I'll finish it, maybe not. I'll see if I have the time. It's not linked to the other fic The Deckchair. I just had this plotbunny of Vincent meeting Clément's family. Enjoy ! ;)

The TOP 14 has ended, they won or not the Brennus shield, it doesn’t matter. They went away for a couple of weeks in a hotel to a sunny place. They’re going home but Clément proposed to Vincent to stop by his parent’s holidays house to say hi. They are not out yet.Collapse )


First fic of today : The Deckchair

Title : The Deckchair
Author : Chrollianne
Pairing : Clément Poitrenaud / Vincent Clerc
Team/Setting : None/ At Clément's parents' house
Warning : None
Rating : PG
Words : ~2750
Summary : Vincent doesn't like to be teased. Or you can face serious consequences.
Additional notes : A stupid thing that came to mind when walking home a while ago.

During the spring, or the end of the summer, they’re at Clément’s parents’ house, in the garden during a sunny dayCollapse )

Mar. 14th, 2012



What About Now

Title : What About Now
Author : Chrollianne
Pairing : Julien Bonnaire / Morgan Parra (light mention of Clément Poitrenaud/Vincent Clerc)
Team/Setting : XV de France / Six Nations 2012 : after the France vs. England of last weekend...
Warning : H/C
Rating : PG
Words : ~999
Summary : Just after the defeat. Centered on Julien and Morgan, but there's the whole team in there too.
Additional notes : I don't know it it ever happened to you, but for a few days now I haven't been able to listen to anything else than Westlife's album Where We Are. I wrote the fic while listening to it, that's why it's a bit depressing! ;) Anyway, I got the idea by seeing Julien sitting all alone in the locker room at the end of the game. As I haven't rewatched it yet, I don't remember if he does get out of the locker room or not.

Enjoy !

What About NowCollapse )


Not Today

Title : Not Today
Author : Chrollianne
Pairing : Clément Poitrenaud / Vincent Clerc
Team/Setting : Stade Toulousain / After the Harlequins – Stade Toulousain game
Warning : Angst & H/C
Rating : PG
Words : ~730
Summary : Clément's thoughts about Vincent
Additional notes : Just a little thing I wrote a long time ago. I'm a bit ashamed of it as it is not well written. But I hope you enjoy it a lilttle bit anyway ! ;)

Not TodayCollapse )


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